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              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented
              About Us
              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented
              Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Co.,Ltd

              Shenzhen LEMI Technology Development Co., LTD was established in 

              October 2004 at Yantian District, Shenzhen, China .

              We developed more than 4 series of 70 product models , including 

              Off-grid Solar Home System , High-Frequency Inverter , 

              Power Frequency Inverter , PWM Solar Controller , MPPT Solar Controller ,

              Integrated Inverter & Controller Machine , Solar Street Light and so on . 

              We have rich experience in oversea projects :

              2013 , we accomplished Chad project

              2017 , we accomplished Myanmar National Electrification Project Phase I which benefited up to 100 000 families and improved their 

              life significantly . 

              2018 , we accomplished  Myanmar Electrification Project Phase II.

              2018 , we are awarded Myanmar Electrification Project Phase III.

              2019 , we are preparing Philippines Project Phase II. 

              Photovoltaic off - grid power generation system

              Professional Independent research and development TeamThe company is a technology-oriented enterprises, the core R & D team members from the world's top 500, including Emerson, Huawei, SMA, etc., has a wealth of product development experience.

              Efficient、High quality、Cost-effectiveCompany off-grid photovoltaic products are exported to 29 countries and regions, is China's domestic non-electric area construction and the "National Golden Sun Demonstration Project" household photovoltaic power generation system.

              obtainNational management systemCertification Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented
              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented
              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented
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              Lemi Tech
              Service-oriented, quality-orientedService-oriented, quality-oriented

              Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004 , which  is a professional manuafacturer of solar relative products . We have our own rearch and development centre and we develope 50+ series products including intelligent controller , inverter , solar generation system and charging pile .  We have 14 years experience in solar area , and we cooperated with customers from more than 30 different countires .We have certificatino of ISO9001 ,  ISO14001 and CE. 

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